Burwood Music Centre
The Maven Room
Audiophile Reference Recordings
Personal audio systems, Oppo, Audeze, Sennheiser, Grado, Ultrasone, AKG
HeadFi Lounge

Welcome to an oasis for music makers and music listeners.

Personal Hi-Fi Systems

Choose your ultimate system
Personal hi-fi listening systems

Choosing your tailored personal listening system in our HeadFi Lounge is a fun and rewarding experience. Hear your music like never before with outstanding, affordable quality. Bring your favourite music and prepare to be amazed.

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The Maven Room

Engage your audience in style
BMC Theatre

Our thirty seat theatre is available for hire.
Ideal for:
- presentations, seminars, training workshops
- showcases, launches, video presentations
- concerts, recitals, masterclasses

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Records & CDs

2500 hand selected titles
Audiophile Reference Recordings

Come and be tempted by an exquisite collection of audiophile quality record pressings, HD cd's and Blu-ray Audio releases. All brand new stock in many genres including jazz, pop, rock, classical, soundtracks.

Audiophile Reference Recordings

Recording Studio

Bring out the best in your music
Baker Street Studios

Complete with a 9ft Steinway grand piano, Baker Street Studios is a highly regarded facility for recording, mixing and mastering all genres of acoustic music, voice and spoken word. With 20+ years experience, you're in good hands.

Baker Street Studios

Piano Rehearsal

Serious practice or “just for fun”
Steinway piano rehearsal

Treat yourself to regular sessions of piano playing bliss, undisturbed song writing and composition, piano rehearsal for exams and performances — in a beautiful creative space on a world class instrument.

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Music Production

Album Production
Home studio help

For the last two decades Lee Bradshaw has been working in the music industry as a performer, internationally renowned music producer, published modern classical composer and a highly sought after vocal coach.

Bradshaw Music Productions